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The Grid tutorial

Still searching for the ways to make idea of The Grid: Disc Merger more understandable. And another tutorial is on the way, I guess the fifth type of it... So, here are a couple of videos:

Tutorial v1 - more fast

Tutorial v2 - more hints
by Ricane at 16.10.2014 17:24

The Grid: Disc Merger is out!

The Grid: Disc Merger v1.01 is now available at Google Play!

It is a puzzle game with unique gameplay and many different levels around it. Launch colored discs from the edge lines and use merge points to change the disc trajectory. Launched disc merges with the ones of similar color and pushes others further till another obstacle. When merged disc becomes large enough it dissapears, and the goal is to clear out entire Grid.

  • - Sci-fi infographic scheme
  • - 100+ different levels
  • - 12 levels with hints and solution guides
  • - 3 level skips if current level is a bit hard
  • - Each level has "Gold Crown" moves condition
  • - 6 grid levels with random-generated disc layouts to chill out
  • - Runs on Android 3.0+

Try it out for free at Google Play!
by Ricane at 01.09.2014 12:53

Working on Soundtracks

Here are soundtracks for our upcoming game - The Grid: Disc Merger. Hope to get it released in first decade of September!

Ingame soundtrack:

Teaser soundtrack:
by Ricane at 08.08.2014 23:50

Some recent dev videos

So we are slowly heading to finish our second game. Some minor stuff is still to be done, as for now we are trying to pick some background particle behaviour. Here you can see some variations of it:

by Ricane at 01.08.2014 01:39

Android screen capture

I was searching for a way to capture some fps-stable videos from android devices and finally found it! Take a look on the device I got recently:

That's iconBIT TV-hunter studio ultra and it allows to capture anything coming from HDMI-port (as well as some other types).

So, here are a couple of videos:

Ramble in the Sky gameplay

The Grid
That's how the game named MergeIt looks like at the moment. I was trying to combine normal map, reflection map and glow mask in one texture and there is a result: speculars are fine, and that anti-glow thing works too, although it will be exact the opposite as soon as new textures are ready.
by Ricane at 16.07.2014 02:08

Some level design issues for puzzles

I've been working on the MergeIt levels for a while. Those are like some kind of chess etudes: sometimes you have to think a several moves ahead to complete it. The method to create level is pretty simple - just make something up which looks like it is possible to complete, but at that stage you just can't be sure how it will turn out. And here comes the difficult yet interesting part: testing! Some of those levels just suck you in for an whole hour, and you just aren't sure about can it be solved or not. But finding the solution is really rewarding, hope it is exactly that feeling every player will get.

If you would have known how I want to finally release that thing...

by Ricane at 18.05.2014 20:58