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Crumbling Towers gone Beta!

Game we've been working on for almost a year is now available to test out!

Crumbling Towers is a move-around-tower 3D vertical-scrolling platformer game. Simple one-touch controls are combined with challenging gameplay and difficult levels, and crumbling walls make everything even more tricky!

Lead the Knight through the journey to the top of the tower to find his dream. Collect magical crystals which give additional lifes and improve chance to win. And remember - height can be dangerous, so be careful not to fall!

Crumbling Towers Beta:
  • - Jumps, double-jumps and wall-jumps performed with simple touch
  • - Bright and colorful 3D-world
  • - 2 towers with 8 levels each
  • - Random set of 10 levels to try out after main towers are finished

Our thanks to Ninichi for working on soundtrack!

by Ricane at 01.04.2017 19:03

Shanghai Game

Just posted some info about our game on reddit.com and got some useful comments about it. Also (it was a thread for getting some feedback on the games everyone working on) I tested some other ones and felt like writing something about Shanghai game. You can try it out there, it has some new kind of gameplay and a nice gangster-stylish atmosphere.

It is a bit hard to understand what's going on there, so here's some description.

by Ricane at 17.05.2014 03:36