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Different OpenGL issues

While working on Ramble in the Sky I encountered some interesting OpenGL issues. They are not that obvious, especially taking into account variety of different android devices. If something works on your testing smartphone (or even on 5 of them!) it doesn't mean to work on every other ones. So, if you are interested in using GLES2.0 directly, you will probably find something useful down here.
by Ricane at 03.08.2014 18:06

2D tiling: mixing multiple tiles

I guess many of gamedev programmers were thinking about algorithms for map tiling. Just imagining all possible tile combinations can keep your brain boiling! I did several attempts to get some rather simple method which can handle various tile layouts and finally caught something that I like. Here is my version - it is simple to implement and can be expanded for even more complex situations.

by Ricane at 16.06.2014 04:21