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Amoeba released!

Amoeba has finally gone gold!

Somewhere deep under the seas little protozoa live their simple and colorful life. Inside various areas different populations emerge and sometimes become overcrowded. Try to keep their environment clean and suitable for new species!

Amoeba gameplay video

Get it at Googleplay!
by Ricane at 17.11.2014 13:11

Amoeba Soundtrack

Another round vs. soundtracks - now it is one for the Amoeba. Check it down there:
by Ricane at 11.10.2014 21:44

Amoeba Gameplay

Was working on Amoeba shadow shaders for a while. Here is one of the results based on fragment shader (also some Amoeba gameplay there!).

by Ricane at 09.10.2014 12:17

Working on Amoeba

Amoeba is our first project since we started creating Android games. We have been working on it for nearly 2 years already, and it was just something to start with. Pretty simple and definitely not AAA type. So why the hell it is so long? Here are a couple of random thoughts about problems with developing our first game.

by Ricane at 02.10.2014 18:15