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Different OpenGL issues

While working on Ramble in the Sky I encountered some interesting OpenGL issues. They are not that obvious, especially taking into account variety of different android devices. If something works on your testing smartphone (or even on 5 of them!) it doesn't mean to work on every other ones. So, if you are interested in using GLES2.0 directly, you will probably find something useful down here.
by Ricane at 03.08.2014 18:06

Some recent dev videos

So we are slowly heading to finish our second game. Some minor stuff is still to be done, as for now we are trying to pick some background particle behaviour. Here you can see some variations of it:

by Ricane at 01.08.2014 01:39

Android screen capture

I was searching for a way to capture some fps-stable videos from android devices and finally found it! Take a look on the device I got recently:

That's iconBIT TV-hunter studio ultra and it allows to capture anything coming from HDMI-port (as well as some other types).

So, here are a couple of videos:

Ramble in the Sky gameplay

The Grid
That's how the game named MergeIt looks like at the moment. I was trying to combine normal map, reflection map and glow mask in one texture and there is a result: speculars are fine, and that anti-glow thing works too, although it will be exact the opposite as soon as new textures are ready.
by Ricane at 16.07.2014 02:08

2D tiling: mixing multiple tiles

I guess many of gamedev programmers were thinking about algorithms for map tiling. Just imagining all possible tile combinations can keep your brain boiling! I did several attempts to get some rather simple method which can handle various tile layouts and finally caught something that I like. Here is my version - it is simple to implement and can be expanded for even more complex situations.

by Ricane at 16.06.2014 04:21

Ramble in the Sky update

Some updates on Ramble in the Sky! We were thinking about making that thing a bit friendlier for new players while keeping main challenge. So now at start clouds are a bit easier to land on.

Also we added a new game mod - coin collecting. It is trickier than just jumping around and if you are already bored with 50+ classic scores - try it (that mod will be unlocked after you beat the score of 20). A couple of new sounds and animations included!

by Ricane at 02.06.2014 02:49

Some level design issues for puzzles

I've been working on the MergeIt levels for a while. Those are like some kind of chess etudes: sometimes you have to think a several moves ahead to complete it. The method to create level is pretty simple - just make something up which looks like it is possible to complete, but at that stage you just can't be sure how it will turn out. And here comes the difficult yet interesting part: testing! Some of those levels just suck you in for an whole hour, and you just aren't sure about can it be solved or not. But finding the solution is really rewarding, hope it is exactly that feeling every player will get.

If you would have known how I want to finally release that thing...

by Ricane at 18.05.2014 20:58

Working on Ramble in the Sky: Review

Our story of diggin' into the world of gamedev starts with the game Ramble in the Sky. As for our first project we were trying to think out some kind of gameplay that would be fairly easy to implement. We already had been working on Amoeba project for about a year or so, but the contents started to grow out of control - we kept thinking out new features to give some variety to gameplay. So we felt something like tired of it and decided to try out something more simplified.

by Ricane at 18.05.2014 17:42

Shanghai Game

Just posted some info about our game on reddit.com and got some useful comments about it. Also (it was a thread for getting some feedback on the games everyone working on) I tested some other ones and felt like writing something about Shanghai game. You can try it out there, it has some new kind of gameplay and a nice gangster-stylish atmosphere.

It is a bit hard to understand what's going on there, so here's some description.

by Ricane at 17.05.2014 03:36

A Couple of Tracks

Here are a couple of my experiments made in Fruity Loops. Still trying to think out some interesting ideas for a soundtrack.

by Ricane at 11.05.2014 02:17


Finally our devblog is up! I've been nagging for several days about adding appropriate blogs via WordPress, but we were to lazy about exploring its engine, and in the end it was decided to build our own (with blackjack and etc. ©). Hadn't touched PHP in a while, still it went off pretty fast.. So here it is!

Okay, let's talk something about us.

by Ricane at 06.05.2014 15:10