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Shanghai Game

Just posted some info about our game on reddit.com and got some useful comments about it. Also (it was a thread for getting some feedback on the games everyone working on) I tested some other ones and felt like writing something about Shanghai game. You can try it out there, it has some new kind of gameplay and a nice gangster-stylish atmosphere.

It is a bit hard to understand what's going on there, so here's some description.

There is a cell field where flags with different colors spawn out. Color represents ministries to spy on, and the flags, obviously, represent countries.


At the top of the field there are your spies waiting for action.

Above all of it there are some tickets that can be dragged down to the spy, so later you can put a path from him to the relevant flag. If you correctly match colors, you start "spying" on it and gain points. How much - it is written on the spy (and on the ticket you dragged). Also, the bigger is the score, more time needed to "spy".

If you didn't catch the flag in time, corresponding country flag at the top of the screen will go down. Also it drops when you match wrong colors for it. When one of those flags moves under the field the game is over. Successful spying moves flag upwards delaying the inevitable.

That's some fresh gameplay idea and the game pace is pretty high. There's some things to improve from my point of view, but still it is exciting to play.

by Ricane at 17.05.2014 03:36

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