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Finally our devblog is up! I've been nagging for several days about adding appropriate blogs via WordPress, but we were to lazy about exploring its engine, and in the end it was decided to build our own (with blackjack and etc. ©). Hadn't touched PHP in a while, still it went off pretty fast.. So here it is!

Okay, let's talk something about us.
ScintiArts now is a two-man team trying to rush in the world of Game Development:
Ricane (that's me) - working on the code&programming;
Kx - working on arts.
There's something more to work on - sound, music and some kind of advertising. As for now, Kx somehow got a couple of good sounds, still at soundtracks and adverts we are pretty lame ^^. But we are working on ourselves! Later i'll upload here one or two self-made tracks; they don't really suit for any of our projects, but maybe someone will found my experiments at FrootyLoops interesting.

At the moment we are working on small games for android, dreaming about larger team and projects while taking some small steps towards it. Recently we had our first release: a simple but still pretty challenging arcade named Ramble in the Sky. One of those kinds when you eager to break something after another fail, if you know that feeling, you'll understand for sure :). There's a total of 18 downloads now, which is a bit frustrating, but it was also expected - because, as i mentioned a little earlier, our advertising skills are no good. Still, if you are reading this, maybe the things turned out a little better.

There's also some another game ideas; i won't go describing them in details yet, but the next one will be a brand new cute puzzle. I've created some of its levels recently and was really surprised at how brainstorming they can be. Feeling already impatient to roll them out but there is pretty much work yet to do. Well, let's see how it will be going.

by Ricane at 06.05.2014 15:10

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